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3V Fund Mission
3V FUND helps to make money on the Pre-IPO of US companies by buying shares before the company goes public.
You can increase your foreign exchange capital ahead of inflation, and we will help you with this — after all, we earn when you earn!


3V FUND has been operating in the international market since 2009, specializing in investments in high-tech industries and IT start-ups.
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Why Silicon Valley?

+The american economy is the world’s leading
+Respect for the interests of minority shareholders
+Nominal value of shares in us dollars, as well as dividend payments
+Access to a large number of issuers

Why Pre-IPO investments are
worth unconditional attention

Entry price from Pre-IPO is lower

+Investment in the latest technology

+High Yield

+Low volatility before IPO

-Low liquidity

-High entry threshold

Our investment in Pre-IPO

Lemonade, Inc.
09.2019 — enter 42,2$
12.2020 — exit 112$
Return 265,4%
01.2020 — enter 11,75$.
Current price — 56$
Return 476%
04.2020 — enter — 12,4$
12.2020 — enter — 27,5$
The exit price remains
open (October 2021 —
IPO at a price of 29$)
Eat just
04.2021 — enter 16$
The exit is planned for
the middle/end 2022
Current price 27$
05.2021 — enter 50$
The exit is planned
for the middle 2022
Expected return 200%
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Benefits of working with 3v fund

Dollar returns
High awareness through a telegram subscription for customers
The activities of the 3v fund are controlled by an independent administrator who ensures the legality of actions
Ease of inheritance
Clear rules of the fund prescribed in the memorandum
The transparency of the fund is ensured by an independent auditor who licenses and controls the legality of the fund's work
Personal manager 24/7

Why invest through the FUND?

Investing through
a Syndicate
risk 50 %
Lack of anonymity

The inability of diversification

Inexpensive unreliable structure

Dependence on other syndicate members
Investing through
a 3V fund
risk 20 %
Portfolio diversification (from 5 deals)

Careful selection of companies by an experienced group of international analysts

The ability to hedge a position after entering the IPO by using a professional structure

There is a possibility to exit at any time

Investor Anonymity

Representative office in the USA
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