Cresco Absolute Return Fund SPC — mutual investment fund established under Anglo-Saxon law. Overseen by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (“CIMA”).
A public multiclass company authorized to issue and repurchase shares, divided into different classes, representing one or more managed portfolios. The ability to create sub-funds (segregated portfolios) for individual management, dedicated strategies and the creation of family funds. The main advantage of a segregated portfolio company is protection: it protects the assets of one segregated portfolio from the liabilities of other segregated portfolios under the Cayman Islands law.

The Cayman Islands are a major international financial centre, which is confirmed by statistics.

It is the fourth largest foreign holder of US Treasury bills and the 12th largest holder of international assets and liabilities.

As of September 2019, the Cayman Islands had:
122 banks
144 trust licences
144 licenses
for company management and corporate service providers

It is the fourth largest foreign holder of US Treasury bills and the 12th largest holder of international assets and liabilities.

776 insurance licenses
5 MBS,
which provide a range of services including banking, structured finance, investment funds, trusts and company formation, and management.

Cresco Absolute Return Fund SPC (CARF) Strategy

It is an innovative product that combines several strategies at once, designed to make a profit in different market situations.

The main idea of the CARF strategy is to recognize the formation of a directional movement using fundamental, technical analysis and a combination of complicated mathematical and statistical methods, to join and hold the position for profit while this trend persists.


top leaders of market: APPLE, GOOGLE, AMAZON
The market has recently developed a trend of buying fashionable companies and some investment systems involve investments in companies that are at the centre of public attention. The share price of these companies is growing rapidly in the medium / long term.
ESG investing is a form of socially responsible investment when the decision to invest in a business is made based on the company's contribution to the development of society.
Biotechs are companies that operate in the field of biotechnology. There is a huge number of promising companies in this sector, whose shares are showing explosive growth. Biotech stocks often skyrocket by 150-200% over the course of a year.
Cryptocurrency is a digital payment system that does not use banks to verify transactions. This is a new trending asset class in which young people are very willing to invest. This is a very risky asset, but returns can reach three-digit values.
Automation, search, remote access systems all use artificial intelligence. This is a very fast-growing technology with great potential, and therefore we are investing in companies that use and develop artificial intelligence.
Includes companies that produce and distribute films, television programs and advertisements, streaming media content, music and audio, radio, books and video games.
Renewable energy sources are very important when it comes to the future of the planet and the prevention of the climate crisis.
The relaxation of laws on the cultivation and consumption of marijuana in many countries around the world has created a market worth tens of billions of dollars and many investment opportunities. This is a new trend around the world, a new generation of investors believe that not enough capital has been invested in this market and believe that this market will only grow as legislation relaxes around the world.