What is a private fund:

This is an investment enterprise in the form of a company or society with a collective account and an easily changeable amount of capital inside, which can be changed daily, more quickly and easily when new shares are issued and old ones are redeemed, which does not require specialized legal action. There are closed-end funds, where the capital and the number of investors may not change over the years or throughout the life of the fund.

In total, over $ 7 trillion is held in private funds. It is in the funds that the capital of the richest families is stored.

Setting up a private equity fund is quite simple:

For example, the creation of a fund on an already organized platform costs about 15 thousand dollars, and the creation of a new structure with a management company and a line of funds will cost no more than 100 thousand US dollars. It makes sense to create your fund only with an investment amount of $ 10 million or more.

A fund does not require a lot of personnel, which significantly saves costs and other fees, since all specialized actions are carried out by independent agents: administrators, lawyers, auditors, brokers.

What do we do:
Benefits of a personal fund for a private investor
The creation of a personal fund for a private investor or a group of investors will allow: