October 9, 2022
Bond Market Outlook

The smartest market in the world is the bond market, which seems to be starting to find a bottom. 10-year maturity bonds came to a 4% yield, essentially playing back the news of a sharp rate hike from the Fed! Upon the release of the updates, there will be no reaction, it is important what Powell and the FED say at the next meeting!

The panic started in bad debts, there is a fall at a stronger pace and this is a good signal, just when the state debt falls in the same way as all sorts of bad companies, it skews the market and it becomes irrational.

My opinion is that the panic exit has not happened yet, but the climax of the moment is already close, and it’s time to think about forming positions! The growth in bonds in a year or two may amount to 20 or even 30%, but this is subject to the beginning of incentives and easing of monetary policy.

For stock markets, this does not mean a reversal, securities have not fallen yet and volatility continues, but I do not rule out sharp rebounds, on verbal interventions from regulators.

We are closely watching the debt market, and we are working on the stocks!