September 25, 2023

Oil Prices Analysis

The current trend suggests we could see prices soar beyond $100 per barrel soon. In recent months, oil prices have surged. Let’s delve into the reasons: At the beginning of the year, I forecasted oil prices to reach $100 by year’s end. However, it seems this might occur sooner. We could witness these rates within >>>

September 23, 2023

Federal Reserve September Review

“To mitigate inflation, we might witness an economic downturn, market strain, and employment stress.” – Andrey Syrchin, CEO of Cresco Capital Greetings, This week brought about significant insights that I wish to share, accompanied by several conclusions: The Chairman’s statement provoked substantial reflection on the ongoing market situation. Observations: In summary, this encapsulates my reflections >>>

December 27, 2022

Happy New Year 2023

November 10, 2022

The crypto market turned red

The crypt turned sharply red when no one was expecting it! It would seem that bitcoin and the crypto market stood like a stone in a sideways movement and the funds looked stronger. Why was there a sharp exit down? To sum up, the crypt has naturally adjusted, bitcoin has only 20% left to fall >>>

October 9, 2022

Bond Market Outlook

The smartest market in the world is the bond market, which seems to be starting to find a bottom. 10-year maturity bonds came to a 4% yield, essentially playing back the news of a sharp rate hike from the Fed! Upon the release of the updates, there will be no reaction, it is important what >>>

September 27, 2022

Can we fight inflation?

American markets continue to collapse, and it’s understandable, Powell has arranged a clear agenda for everyone – money will rise in price while inflation is high! What should happen in order for inflation to stop – raw materials should collapse, the cost of production should fall, sales in all segments slow down – in fact, >>>