June 18, 2024
The Federal Reserve kept its key interest rate unchanged on Wednesday

The Federal Open Market Committee also indicated that, in its opinion, the long-term interest rate is higher than previously indicated.

Andrey Syrchin listened attentively to the speech of J.Powell and drew conclusions:

The decision on the rate was expected, the comments on it were much tougher than the market expected, so everyone wanted to hear the chairman’s speech.

According to Andrey, the head of the Fed made it clear harshly that inflation of 2% is a clear goal. The statistics are good, but they have not been studied carefully yet, and for this reason they will keep the bet high. The most important thing is that this year there is a maximum of one rise, but the market is still laying two rises. Andrey believes that there will not be a single rise if the markets and the economy remain in the same track!

While the market is digesting this, we see that Bitcoin has fallen a little, oil has fallen, gold and silver have fallen! The market is still being pulled by 5-6 companies.

The forecasts for business and the market are disappointing. We are watching what will happen next.